Red Dead Online Has Bonuses Galore Across Telegram Missions, Blood Money Opportunities, and Call to Arms All This Month

Red Dead Online Has Bonuses Galore Across Telegram Missions, Blood Money Opportunities, and Call to Arms All This Month

Richard Walker

Rockstar has released new Red Dead Online “A Tough Business” Hardcore Telegram Missions today, accompanied by triple RDO$ and XP throughout the month. Launched from the nearest Postmaster or your Camp Lockbox via a Telegram from ‘J’, the Telegram Missions remove aim assistance, and pit you against tough enemies.

From today until 11th April you can complete the ‘A One Horse Deal’ Hardcore Telegram Mission for 50% off a Stable Slot, while the ‘Rich Pickings’ mission can be completed between 12th and 18th April for a free Treasure Map leading to a haul near Calumet Ravine. The ‘Outrider’ mission goes live from 19th to 25th April with 30% off a Hunting Wagon as a completion reward, then the ‘A New Source of Employment’ mission rounds things off from 26th April to 2nd May with a rare blue Patterned Bandana your for completing it.

Each week in April, completing any "A New Source of Employment" Telegram Mission will also give you 48 rounds of Express Rifle Ammo as a bonus, while Blood Money Opportunities have 2x RDO$ and XP, and completing any of them rewards 96 rounds of High Velocity Revolver Ammo. Call to Arms, meanwhile, has 2x RDO$, XP, and Gold, throughout April, and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has free items on offer, so you can create a rugged, rustic look for your RDO character. The free items include:

  • Brown Cayuga Hat
  • Brown Bandana
  • Burgundy Lancer Vest
  • Green Everyday Shirt
  • Brown Urban Gloves
  • Brown Gunslinger Gun Belt
  • Blue Studded Pants
  • Brown Batwing Chaps
  • Brown Worn Ropers Boots
  • Green Woolen Sweater (male) or Flores Vest (female)

As for the latest discounts in Red Dead Online, you'll find 30% off Outfits, Role Outfits, Chaps, Race Horses, and all Revolvers, as well as 50% off Rifle Ammo and Tomahawks. The Persistent Posse Fee has also been waived, and the Concho Pants, Folwell Hat, and Eberhart Coat are all back in stock. Additionally, Rank 10 players can claim a free fishing rod and reward for a free Bow, while completing seven Daily Challenges in a week will unlock the rare green Patterned Bandana.

Complete a mission with a Persistent Posse in April, and you can bag five rewards for free Fast Travel, and you can also scoop 3x RDO$ and XP in Elimination Series (Hardcore) between 5th and 11th April, Overrun (Hardcore) between 12th and 18th April, Takeover Series (Hardcore) between 19th and 25th April, and Shootout Series (Hardcore) between 26th April and 2nd May.

Finally, Prime Gaming members can get a reward for a free pair of select boots, and offer for 50% off an Elephant Rifle, and a reward for 25 Capitale. All of the above is available now in Red Dead Online until 4th May.

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