Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won't Get Any More Content Updates

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Won't Get Any More Content Updates

Matt Lorrigan

Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon Breakpoint won't receive any further content updates.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Ubisoft thanked players for “all of the love and support” that they brought to the game since its launch in 2019, and outlined that 2021's free Operation Motherland update would be the last content update coming to the game.

“During the past two years, we released more than eleven updates and supported several unique initiatives. From the Ghost Experience, the return of AI Teammates, Special Operations with Sam Fisher, working with R6 operators in Operation Amber Sky, and lastly our ‘Plant a Tree project’ we have been hard at work to add extra content to Ghost Recon Breakpoint.”

“The last four months marked the release of our final piece of content: the brand new Operation Motherland mode.”

Ubisoft has confirmed that the servers will continue to be maintained for both Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and that feedback from players has been “instrumental” and will “help shape the future of the franchise”.

  • They made alot of mistakes with this game at launch removing alot of key features from the previous games.

    However the updates they have released in the years since have turned this into an absolutely superb game. If you never played this because of the missing features at launch please try it now because you will not be disappointed.

    The biggest thing now will be seeing if they've learned from the mistakes when the next installment comes out.
  • You really think they learn from their mistakes?
  • I agree that the game's current state is far, far better than when it launched. The options they give you to tailor the experience to your liking are comprehensive and increased my enjoyment enormously.

    That said, I do not hold hope Ubi have learned the right lessons from this given their other series and general direction of travel. The focus on always online, predatory monetisation and NFTs seem to demaracate a huge disparity between what Ubi sees as the future of gaming and what fans seem to want.

    I'd love to be wrong, as there's almost nothing quite like the co-operative action-stealth sandbox of Ghost Recon.
  • Let's not forget they already announced the next game in the Ghost Recon series, Frontline, the battle royale game

    So it's safe to say any lessons they could have learned went in one ear and out the other
  • If they can make the movement feel slightly less clunky next time, get rid of the cursor based menu system (I hate games that have this if they don’t have mouse suppport), make the weapons actually feel distinct from each other and make them easier to scroll through (why they got rid of the tabbed weapon menu in favour of a list I’ll never know), incorporate all the feedback from the last 2 games, get rid of gear score entirely, add in a first person mode, and if they insist on keeping survival, make it more integral to the game rather than an mild inconvenience, I’m sure the next game will be a success.

    But this is Ubisoft, so I’m not gonna hold my breath for that.
  • A lot of added content, no extra cheevos…
  • I'd like to play this improved version of Breakpoint but it's Game Pass or nothing with that title for me.
  • I really enjoyed Breakpoint after the update. Would have loved some DLC with achievements too.
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