eFootball 2022 Will Finally Be Launching Version 1.0 Next Week

eFootball 2022 Will Finally Be Launching Version 1.0 Next Week

Matt Lorrigan

eFootball 2022, the free-to-play successor to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series, is finally launching in full with the release of the Version 1.0.0 update next week.

The update will be making a large amount of balance and gameplay changes to the game, as well as adding in the new Dream Team mode, which will act as a competitor to FIFA's hugely popular Ultimate Team mode.

In the announcement post on the official website, the development team admits that they were “too focused on getting the game out on time” when eFootball 2022 launched in an unfinished state last year, and had “lost sight of the most important thing - quality”.

“Naturally, we were met with critical reviews from rightfully disappointed fans. The development team has been hard at work since to regain the trust of our esteemed fans, as well as to make the game even more enjoyable for soccer fans around the world.”

New gameplay features arriving in the game in the 1.0.0 update include a new Shoulder Charge defending command, and the ability to Call for Pressure from your teammates, in response to criticisms that effective defending was too difficult. Additionally, passing speed has been increased, and a new Stunning Pass has been added, allowing players to pass the ball with “various special trajectories”.

Shooting speed has been increased, and new shot trajectories and variations have been added, depending on the situation, for more realistic goals.

Dream Team - which was originally announced as Creative Team - is the big new feature, allowing you to sign your favourite managers and players, and then develop them to fit your personal playstyle, with “almost infinite freedom to shape the team to your liking”. You can then go online and play against other Dream Teams from around the world.

eFootball 2022 Version 1.0.0 launches on 14th April 2022, with Konami planning to release further information on eFootball's future on that day as well.


    i mean ok, No worries
  • If this game a dog I’d be taking it to the vet and leaving it there
  • too little, too late, how has it taken them this long to "fix" the game. i do not hold any hopes they have fixed it, just more chances they can make money from more "modes".
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