Back 4 Blood 'Tunnels of Terror' Expansion Gets a Launch Trailer Ahead of Release Next Week

Back 4 Blood 'Tunnels of Terror' Expansion Gets a Launch Trailer Ahead of Release Next Week

Richard Walker

WB Games and developer Turtle Rock Studios have released the launch trailer for Back 4 Blood's upcoming ‘Tunnels of Terror’ expansion, the first major DLC due to hit the co-op zombie shooter next week.

In the trailer, you can become better acquainted with new playable Cleaners, Sharice and Heng, the former an axe-wielding firefighter gifted with defensive prowess, the latter a “tough as nails” no-nonsense restaurateur, adept at carving up Ridden with his trusty kitchen knife. Both will be coming with the new DLC.

The new Ridden Hives PvE co-op activity are also showcased in the launch video, the mode enabling teams of up to four Cleaners to explore the depths of seven labyrinthine tunnels overrun with Ridden, beneath Evansburgh. You'll have the new Warped Ridden to contend with, as well as landmine-dropping Urchins, horrific Shredders, and damage-dealing Rippers.

All four new Ridden types will also be playable in PvP Swarm mode, available to unlock alongside the new Cleaners, to use in PvP matches. Seven new legendary weapons, eight character skins, twelve weapon skins, new cards, and more round out the Tunnels of Terror package, while a free update will also add the ‘No Hope’ difficulty, offering a new challenge for the most elite of elite Back 4 Blood players.

Expansion 1: Tunnels of Terror will be heading to Back 4 Blood on 12th April, available standalone of as part of the Ultimate Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Back 4 Blood Annual Pass. All playable content included with Tunnels of Terror will also be accessible to all players in a party as long as one player in said party owns the expansion. Check out the Tunnels of Terror launch trailer below.

  • Curious to see if they add new achievements with this content.
  • No going to get it, B4B is not a good game...
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