Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced With Debut Trailer, More Realistic Visual Style

Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced With Debut Trailer, More Realistic Visual Style

Richard Walker

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts IV, an upcoming sequel to Kingdom Hearts III that will continue the exploits of Sora, Donald, Goofy and the gang. And, as indicated by the debut trailer, the art style seems to have undergone something of a shift.

Unveiled earlier today during a Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event, the first trailer pops up around the 4-minute 7-second mark, after some stuff about KH mobile titles. KH4 will apparently continue ‘The Lost Master Arc’, picking up with Sora, the lost master himself, asleep in a Tokyo-esque city.

Before long, a towering Heartless rampages through the city, showcasing some of Sora's combat prowess and the new moves he'll have at his disposal, while wielding his iconic Keyblade. Sora has a grapple now, enabling him to scale buildings, and, as you'd expect, Donald and Goofy are back, looking for Sora.

You can check out the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary video below, and the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV. Expect more details soon.

  • So we can expect to play it in about 30 years?
  • no rush I've got plenty of Final Fantasy's and previous Kingdom Heart's to play in my huge backlog. Glad they announced it. i thought 3 was the final entry but hyped for 4 now.
  • I enjoyed KH3 but haven’t touched the DLC. I’m not even sure if it’s story content or a boss rush or both but sounds hard!
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