The Quarry Will Have a Fully Non-Interactive Movie Mode

The Quarry Will Have a Fully Non-Interactive Movie Mode

Matt Lorrigan

Until Dawn successor The Quarry will include a non-interactive Movie Mode, IGN has revealed.

Much like previous games from British developer Supermassive, The Quarry offers up an interactive horror experience, with multiple characters to take control of. Your decisions throughout the game will decide whether each character lives or dies, whether you're making dialogue decisions, or quickly pressing the right button in quick time event sequences.

Except, in The Quarry, you can also choose to do none of that at all. If you'd rather enjoy the story experience, without having to keep your hands on a controller at all times, you can choose a new Movie Mode. In this mode, you determine how your characters will act at the beginning of the game - cautious or confident, for example - and can then watch the story unfold.

Even if you don't want to completely get rid of all of the game's interactive elements, there are options which allow you to turn off combat encounters, QTEs, and even exploration, letting them play out automatically. Not only is this a useful choice for all players, but it seems like a good accessibility option as well.

The Quarry is launching on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 10th June 2022. You can check out thirty minutes of gameplay from the game's prologue in the video down below.

  • Why would someone pay £60 for practically a movie.. The whole point of these quick time actions is to catch you off guard
  • @Dean You arent paying for a movie, you're paying for the game, with an included movie mode
  • Agreed, I don't see the problem with this as an option. I didn't own a PS4 when Until Dawn came out, but because it interested me, I watched a let's play of the entire game. It was very much like watching a movie and I enjoyed it. With this one, I will play it, then maybe watch it as a film in the future. Personally I will still wait for a sale. I wanna play it, but to me the price is steep for what it is.
  • Someone once told me "It's nice to have the option".
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