Bugsnax is Coming to Xbox Game Pass At the End of April

Bugsnax is Coming to Xbox Game Pass At the End of April

Richard Walker

Bugsnax, the first-person adventure from Young Horses, the studio behind Octodad, is set to hit Xbox later this month. Bugsnax has you collecting half-bug, half-snack creatures, before feeding them to your friends, while following the trail of lost explorer, Elizabert Megafig.

Exploring Snaktooth Island, you'll need to catch enough Bugsnax to feed to Lizbert's “scattered band of misfit grumpuses", although anyone who eats a Bugsnak rapidly mutates into the thing they've just consumed. Blending weird body horror with “slapstick comedy and narrative mystery”, Bugsnax will also launch alongside the free ‘The Isle of Bigsnax’ update, with giant-sized creatures and new challenges across Snaxburg.

Among the various quality-of-life updates over the original PS4 and PS5 version, the game will also include three hours of new story and quests, new hidden secrets, and the ability to collect hats for your collection of Bugsnax. You'll be able to sink your teeth into Bugsnax when it launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Xbox Game Pass on 28th April.

  • Was literally about to start playing this on the PS5...but hello achievements instead!
  • The game is amusing for a time, but kind of started getting stale towards the end. The platinum was pretty easy, so I would assume the 1000g is as well.
  • A much vaunted PS launch exclusive (LOL) getting the Game Pass treatment, glorious trolling from MS
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