Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Coming Next Week With Over 400 Fixes and Improvements

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Coming Next Week With Over 400 Fixes and Improvements

Richard Walker

DICE has declared that next week will see the arrival of Update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042, bringing with it more than 400 “Individual Fixes, Bugs, and QoL Improvements”, according to a tweet from Community Manager Kevin Johnson. In lieu of the full patch notes, a few key changes have been revealed.

Among them are updates to the traits of operators Rao and Paik, as well as fixes for Sundance's Grenade Belt, “allowing for better Anti-Armor Grenade target acquisition within their immediate vicinity rather than things football fields away!” Vehicular combat is also due a balancing update.

This includes “targeted tweaks” to the M5C Bolte light tank, and a fix for the ADS bug encountered upon leaving a vehicle and reviving near obstacles. Ribbons are also due some tweaks, making them easier to unlock across modes like Rush. Balancing to XP earned for Support Actions and Teamplay will also place an emphasis on teamwork.

Attachments will also “receive an overhaul”, Johnson assures, “with a focus on ensuring they feel unique and have an impact on your loadout choice and gunplay.” You can presumably expect a plethora of improvements to the game's maps, too. Update 4.0 will be rolling out for Battlefield 2042 on all platforms next week.

  • @Blue n Gold Eel at least they're not giving up on fixing it, some companies abandon games because people complain, Fez for example
  • They might as well have given up on it. No one is really playing this game anymore. Took forever to get a game going months ago. This should have been a day 1 patch....
  • Honestly games need to go back to doing multiple beta test for games before release too many game are definitely releasing with issues small and major issues
  • @Scar Pretty sure the ONLY reason they havent put this game in the dirt yet is because it had a Year 1 pass that people bought. DICE already said they've begun work on the next BF. I'd be willing to bet they left a skeleton crew on 2042 just to make sure those season pass items release.
  • @scardro On top of that, I feel like "Betas" for some games these days launch RIGHT before the game's release. I assume it's to test servers and things like that, but there's no way some of the Beta launches have time to get the feedback required to make genuinely effective changes to the game before release.
  • More in-house testing before release. There used to be this thing in game development called QA testing.
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