Deep Rock Galactic Season 02 'Rival Escalation' is Coming to Xbox This May

Deep Rock Galactic Season 02 'Rival Escalation' is Coming to Xbox This May

Richard Walker

Developer Ghost Ship Games has announced that Deep Rock Galactic Season 02 will be launching next month, bringing with it new secondary weapons, a new mission event, the Nemesis enemy, the new Rival warning, fresh DLC, and a free Performance Pass with cosmetics, ‘shop-friendly’ mineral as currency, and more.

Titled ‘Rival Escalation’, the second season will arrive alongside a ‘Robot Rebellion’ cosmetic DLC inspired by last season's rival robots, as well as a new ‘Phazyonite’ currency available as an alternate method of payment for the in-game shop. Meanwhile, the narrative started with ‘Rival Incursion’ will also continue.

“Rival Escalation continues our commitment to offering exceptional content to all our players, and creating new opportunities for our audience to engage with other players in the complex caverns of Hoxxes IV,” said Ghost Ship Games head Søren Lundgaard. Additionally, any unclaimed rewards from Season 01's Performance Pass will be folded into cargo crates, lost, packs, matrix cores, and the shop.

Any unspent Scrip from Season 01 will be lost, however, so you might want to use that up. Deep Rock Galactic Season 02: Rival Escalation will be kicking off on Xbox and PlayStation from 5th May.

  • Adding unclaimed Season 1 rewards to the loot pool is a pretty awesome move, ESPECIALLY when the SP is free to begin with. Knocking on wood, Deep Rock might be the most pro-consumer game out there right now.
  • DRG is an absolute gem of a game - the devs don't monetize anything but extra cosmetics, they answer questions across most forums and they constantly stream themselves playing so you know they stand by what they've made and why they make the choices they do.
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