Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 3  'Lancer' is Available Now

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 3 'Lancer' is Available Now

Matt Lorrigan

Aliens: Fireteam Elite has launched its third season of content, adding in a new playable class.

The Lancer is one of Fireteam Elite's heavier classes, letting players carry heavy weapons and fire them continuously, dealing increased damage when standing still thanks to a unique perk. Alongside the arrival of the Lancer class comes the addition of new Loadout Presets. This allows players to switch between different Marine loadouts on the fly, without needing to reassign things like cosmetics, consumables, weapons, or perks individually. 

Of course, a new season also brings new Challenge Cards, as well as over thirty customisation items to be unlocked through gameplay. Owners of the Endevour Pass will also be able to get their hands on the UACM Frontline Pack, with additional exclusive cosmetics.

You can check out the Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 3 trailer down below to see the new content in action.

  • That's all very nice, but it does nothing to address what is killing the game: Level redundancy. Even with the Point-Defense mode and some occasional variables the game is painfully linear and you just do the same missions over and over again, with the same dialogue and objectives each time.

    The levels are perfectly designed that you should be able to play them from back-to-front , see everything in reverse or take on side rooms, throw different enemy types at you - there's only one level that has the pathogen enemies so expect to play it repeatedly for challenges - and it would be fine. But it doesn't and I'm baffled why there isn't a fire-fight type random mode. If they're saving that idea for some DLC please release it soon.

    And work on your matchmaking! Can barely play a LAN game with people hooked up next to me. Serious lag even on low graphics and high bandwidth.
  • Barely ever find anyone to play with online and it’s so monotonous alone.
  • I’ve seen weeks when queue is super short and one’s where I waited 20mins for other players lol But the game itself is awesome, most of the time rinse and repeat design bothers me, but this just like Destiny has that something that keeps pulling me back ever so often;-)
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