Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Xbox One Version Has Been Cancelled

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Xbox One Version Has Been Cancelled

Matt Lorrigan

Ukrainian developer Frogwares has announced that the Xbox One version of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One has been delayed indefinitely.

Originally, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One was due to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 simultaneously. However, due to issues getting the game to run well on the older consoles, the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions launched first.

Since then, developer Frogwares has been working to optimise the Xbox One and PS4 versions, adjusting the map of the city to make things run smoother, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has massively impacted the developer.

“To say that the war made an impact on us is probably the understatement of the decade,” says the statement from Frogwares. “Keeping our personal and mental situation out of this, the war impacted us from a production point of view heavily. From where we stand now, with the resources and manpower that we have, we can release the PS4 version of Chapter One on April 28th. However, we have to postpone the Xbox One version.”

“To say we’re not happy about this is putting it subtly. We want to see our games on as many platforms as possible. We see that there are a lot of you waiting for the Xbox One version. We’re also disappointed because we’ve invested time and money in this version which is put on hold indefinitely. It’s also money lost from potential future income which is important for an independent studio like us.”

Players who pre-ordered the game on Xbox One can cancel their order and get a full refund, but it seems unlikely that the game will be releasing on Xbox One anytime soon.

  • Props to them for continuing to work at all in that horrible situation. I hope they're all safe and get taken care of, without harm. I will try to support their release in a way that I can, on XSX.
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