GTA Online Has More Business Bonuses For Nightclub Owners and 50% Extra MC Sell Mission GTA$ & RP This Week

GTA Online Has More Business Bonuses For Nightclub Owners and 50% Extra MC Sell Mission GTA$ & RP This Week

Richard Walker

Having offered a selection of business bonuses last week, Grand Theft Auto Online has even more of them this week, including Nightclub Bonuses, double the Popularity to earn in Promotion Missions, a 50% bonus on Daily Income deposited to your Safe, and doubled speed on Warehouse Goods Production.

Motorcycle Club Businesses can also benefit from 50% more GTA$ and RP for completing Biker Sell Missions, alongside a pair of Green Square Shades for beating a single Sell Mission this week. A free White Graphic Smoking Jacket is also up for grabs upon completing a Special Cargo Sell Mission, while completing a Gunrunning Sell Mission will earn the White Vom Feuer Cap.

Nightclub CEOs can hire a Security Upgrade for 40% less all week, and Executives can upgrade Office Accommodations and add a bed for 30% off. MC Clubhouses are also 30% off, and there's a hefty 4x GTA$ and RP bonus available in the squad-based Cross the Line Adversary Mode.

On Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, the exclusive Hao's Special Works Shop has another Premium Test Ride to try out at the LS Car Meet, in the shape of the Pfister Astron Custom.  A new HSW Time Trial route from Terminal at the Port of Los Santos all the way to Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness is also available, and the LS Car Meet has a new Prize Ride - the Dinka Jester Classic - to bag for winning an LS Car Meet Series Race four days in a row.

The Übermacht Revolter, Enus Jubilee, and Vulcar Warrener HKR are all available to take for a spin at the LS Car Meet Test Track in Scramble or Time Trial races, while at The Diamond Casino & Resort, the latest Lucky Wheel star prize is the sleek Benefactor Schlagen GT roadster. Visit any Los Santos Nightclub or The Diamond Casino, and you can get free drinks all week.

Discounts on select vehicles are available, too, with 30% off the Übermacht SC1, 40% off the Enus Stafford, Turreted Limo, and Vapid Flash GT, and 50% off the Patriot Stretch and Lampadati Tropos Rallye, as well as 60% off the MTL Pounder Custom. Prime Gaming members can get GTA$100K for logging in and playing anytime this week, as per usual.

All of the above is available now in Grand Theft Auto Online until 27th April.

  • The people playing and spending money on this are the reason why I don’t think that we’ll ever get a GTA6.
  • GTA6 is coming.
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