The Unexpectedly Busy Thursday News Round-Up Extravaganza!

The Unexpectedly Busy Thursday News Round-Up Extravaganza!

Richard Walker

An unremarkable Thursday in April wouldn't seem like one where we'd be utterly inundated with news stories, but here we are.

And so, it seems that a nice round-up post is in order, giving you all of the days many video game-based occurrences - both important and piddling - in one place. There's a movie adaptation, two Fortnite things, a release window for the new Turtles beat 'em up, the announcement of EA Sports F1 22, a bunch of release dates, and a new expansion for Outriders.

Without further ado, here is all of the news on this unexpectedly busy Thursday. Please do click away to your hearts' content. Enjoy!



  • Nice. Thanks. Today was kinda full.

    Now this doesnt mean you can post an opinion piece at noon tomorrow and call it a weekend. So ya know.
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