Skate 4 Pre-Alpha Footage Leaks, Real-Time Skate Park Building Feature Mooted

Skate 4 Pre-Alpha Footage Leaks, Real-Time Skate Park Building Feature Mooted

Richard Walker

Earlier this week, pre-alpha footage of Skate 4 leaked online, showcasing a map reportedly known as ‘Fun Town’, and a character skating around, before dismounting and doing flips. EA has rushed to remove the footage, but it remains on the Twitter pages of insiders Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb.

Apparently, Skate 4 will also include a free skate mode that will enable players to build custom skate parks together in real-time, according to a further report from Grubb, speaking on his Giant Bomb Grubbsnax show (as transcribed by VGC). He notes that players who have played the early build of Skate 4 are also “very impressed with the way it feels”.

It's said that EA and developer Full Circle is seeking to modernise Skate 4, without compromising the core skating mechanics that came to define the series, and its first three games. Customisation options are also reportedly set to be in abundance for Skate 4, with "a lot of skins, skins for your board, things like that", says Grubb.

The game will also apparently “really emphasise” user-generated content, which obviously ties in with the real-time co-op skate park builder. “This is a mode where you are hanging out with your friends or anyone else who is going to hop onto the server and then anyone on the server can say, ‘Hey, does anyone want to try and lay down some tricks with me over here on this thing?’," Grubb explained.

"And people can work together to make these parks all at the same time [in real-time]," he added. “You can add stuff, delete stuff on the fly, and the people that have played this mode said this was kind of the standout where it was just really fun to do that with friends and with other people.”

Skate 4 was announced back in June 2020, with rumours quickly emerging soon after that the game would be an open-world affair full of user-generated content. These latest reports seem to point to exactly that. The last time we heard anything from the new Skate game, however, was in a developer update back in July of last year. Hopefully, we should be getting some further official details soon.

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