The House of the Dead: Remake is Coming to Xbox One Next Week

The House of the Dead: Remake is Coming to Xbox One Next Week

Richard Walker

SEGA and Forever Entertainment have confirmed that The House of the Dead: Remake will be making the jump from Nintendo Switch to other platforms next week. A visual overhaul of the 1996 SEGA lightgun arcade favourite, the remake also features revamped controls and gameplay that apparently stays “true to the original”.

Without a proper lightgun, I fail to see how that's possible. Anyway, re-recorded audio, multiple endings, and a range of other new additions like a photo mode, new game mode, an armory with unlockable weapons, and a bestiary of monsters and bosses you've defeated, will be among the extras on offer. Local 2-player co-op is also included, much as you'd hope.

You can check out a new trailer of the PC version below, then keep your eyes peeled for The House of the Dead: Remake, when it shambles onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Stadia on 28th April. In the meantime, my kingdom for an Xbox lightgun, so I can play this properly. Thanks.

  • Id love a tomb raider 1 2 3 remake
  • I believe this released for the Switch recently and got very mediocre reviews, hopefully it will at least run and look better on the newer consoles. I had HotD3 for my OG Xbox, with the lightgun, and that shit was fun.
  • Lol, light gun or GTFO.
  • I never understood why game companies feel like they can’t revive a franchise by just making a BRAND NEW VERSION of said franchise instead of wasting time and money on a shitty remake that will barely sell copies.

  • Needs a light gun or just takes the fun out of it with a controller.
  • @Yourburnstar, I think the perception is that remakes are low risk in the eyes of the publisher. The game is already built, you just need to tweak some things. So in that regard, it's cost effective because you're not necessarily building something from the ground up. Remakes are usually for beloved games or games with a cult following, so you bank on that as a measure of success. A new game is an unknown, and publishers aren't willing to risk the unknown, which is also why there are so many stale genres/subgenres, and why certain games get endless annual sequels. So few pubs have the cajones to try something different, which is kinda sad.
  • I'm wondering what I did with my Shotgun lightgun for the original House of the Dead 3 on Xbox
  • Does this game at least cover mouse+keyboard support on console? I know it's not the same, but that would be bearable over a c-stick rail shooter.
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