Fortnite is Adding Street Fighter's Blanka and Sakura as Outfits

Fortnite is Adding Street Fighter's Blanka and Sakura as Outfits

Matt Lorrigan

Fortnite is adding more Street Fighter characters to the game, in the form of Blanka and Sakura, later this week.

The Blanka outfit includes the jungle man's usual look, as well as a suited and booted “Blanka Delgado” alt. You'll also get access to the Blanka Backflip emote, Blank-chan Back Bling, and Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe.

As for Sakura, you get her default school uniform outfit, and the Sakura Gym alt style, inspired by Street Fighter IV. Also bundled in is the Sakura's Victory Sway Emote, Hanakaze Claw Back Bling, Fighting Tournament Trophy Pickaxe, and Kayari Buta Glider.

Both Blanka and Sakura will be available in the Fortnite Item Store on 28th April 2022, joining previous Street Fighter guest stars Ryu and Chun-Li.

  • Fortnite currently has the worst loot pool in a battle royal i have ever seen. Its a joke
  • Still remember the first time Sakura dragon punched me back in the day. Stole my heart.
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