The Quarry Will Apparently Have 186 Unique Endings

The Quarry Will Apparently Have 186 Unique Endings

Richard Walker

While multiple endings are nothing new for developer Supermassive's horror games, the sheer number of narrative codas available in upcoming thriller The Quarry should be enough to make your head spin, in the style of The Exorcist's Regan.

Apparently, The Quarry will feature a staggering 186 unique endings, based on a range of variables scripted into the game. Yes, one-hundred-and-eighty-six endings. “We write it like a movie screenplay... actors are used to a 100-page script [on a feature film], the script for this is over 1000 pages. [The actors] can get very alarmed,” director Will Byles explained to IGN (via Eurogamer).

Byles adds that the studio has to shoot “50 pages a day”, adding that it's a volume of script and footage that's “unheard of”. It's a “mad amount of footage,” he added. Furthermore, much of the footage is repeated, requiring the game's cast of actors to shoot different performances based on different possible narrative routes and player choices.

“We worked out 186 different endings for those characters, not just alive or dead... the stories that they have on the way through are massively varied,” Byles continued. “Branches really are a mathematical nightmare. It's just exponential.” He adds that branches will take into account both small and more significant consequences, but they all have an impact on the overall story and relationships with certain characters.

“We really like the idea of giving you context, so you can have the exact same conversation,” said Byles, "but know, that, that person has just killed someone and that context changes, everything."

The Quarry is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 10th June, with an optional non-interactive Movie Mode for anyone who wants to simply watch the story. Maybe you'll be able to kick back and watch it 186 times.

  • Pass hate games with multiple endings
  • Dying Light 2: We've got 500 hours of content.

    The Quarry: We've got 184 unique endings!

    Curious what game will be the one to say "hold my beer" to those claims.
  • @HD It'll be EA with the next Battlefield. "We have over $100,000 worth of MTXs at launch!"
  • Right off the bat, 184 endings tells me there will be about 4-5 actual endings with tons of slight variations based on who lived or showed up for 6 seconds at the end.
  • I imagine most characters will have up to 3 unique endings and the other 165 endings will have minor changes. Happy to be wrong about this..
  • @hancho How many ending slides are there for Fallout New Vegas? I know most decisions in the game has at least two slides.
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