Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Announced For June

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Announced For June

Richard Walker

Microsoft has announced that it'll be holding its annual Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase again this year, taking in the same June window around E3 time, only E3 2022 has been cancelled, and Summer Game Fest will seemingly be filling the void.

Presumably, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will serve up some tasty Starfield gameplay, since the game is due to launch this November. Undoubtedly, there will be some surprises in store, as part of the “diverse lineup of games coming soon to the Xbox ecosystem”. I just want Elder Scrolls VI stuff, please.

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will be streaming on Sunday 12th June from 10am PT, available across YouTube, Twitch, Twitch ASL, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, in more than 30 languages. You can expect plenty of Xbox Game Pass titles, too, of course.

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • A Gears 6 announcement would go down nicely...
  • Want me some Perfect Dark gameplay
  • @ MattLorrigan Perfect Dark probably won't be shown since They were having internal issues
  • Hope to still see Perfect Dark. We don't know what was going on internally but I doubt the games has been put on ice.
  • Fingers crossed for a new Dishonored.
  • I wanna see some Starfield.
  • I'm with merc, a new Dishonored would be a welcome announcement.
  • Hopefully finally get to see some Fable in action
  • I'm just hoping to see a sneak peek of Elder Scrolls VI would be nice to finally get a better idea of what to expect
  • No way is Starfield releasing this year.

  • My hopes are Fable, ES6, Gears 6, Starfield (doubtful on that one) and I would love a New Vegas remaster or New Vegas 2 (ideally both).
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