Leaked Skull & Bones Footage Reveals Tons of New Gameplay and Details

Leaked Skull & Bones Footage Reveals Tons of New Gameplay and Details

Matt Lorrigan

Leaked footage from a Skull & Bones technical test presentation has revealed loads of new details about the upcoming ship combat game.

The leaked Ubisoft presentation, which you can watch here, lays out the basics of gameplay for the oft-delayed Skull & Bones, as well as several activities that players can get involved in. Set in the Indian Ocean during the golden age of piracy, the game sees players starting life as a low level pirate, before attempting to climb the ranks and gaining infamy.

Pirate dens allow players to leave their ships and explore on land, where they can craft new ships, prepare for expeditions at sea, pick up NPC contracts, and socialise with other players. Contracts can be taken on alone, or with groups of three, with players splitting the rewards.

On your ship, Skull & Bones requires players to keep their crew happy and healthy, lest they start a mutiny and chuck you off of your ship. If your ship sinks in combat, you can travel back to the wreckage to retrieve your cargo, although other players can also race to the wreckage and beat you to it if you're not quick.

Crafting also appears to be a big part of Skull & Bones, with players both able to collect raw materials from the open world, and hunt down merchant ships to steal their resources. Sinking a ship will limit the amount of cargo you can retrieve, so you'll find more loot by boarding an opposing ship and taking out the crew. However, you can also be boarded and attacked yourself, either by other players, or pirate-hunting privateers. There's also dramatic and difficult World Events to take on.

Of course, all of this content comes from the game's technical test, so any detail here could change ahead of launch, but it actually looks fairly promising, considering that Skull & Bones appears to have been in development limbo in the several years since it was first announced. Perhaps we'll see more official information on the game in the coming months, as we get closer to Summer Game Fest and the time of the year that formerly hosted E3.

  • Oh, wow. I guess this is really still coming.
  • i just want combat and booty...i'm not looking for a pirate sim.
  • This will be crippled by only being able to do anything in a party, unless you spend a bunch on MT's to boost yourself i can see it now. We want black flag 2 not this trash.
  • Another flop from Ubisoft
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