Singularity Takes a Slip Out Of The Q1 Calendar?

Richard Walker

GameStop have made a change to their listed date for Activision's intriguing shooter, Singularity, igniting rumours that the game - which had already slipped from late 2009 into early 2010 - could be pushed further into the year.

The retailer have got the game slated for a June 1st release although a March launch had previously been touted.

Initially delayed to avoid conflict with Activision's own FPS behemoth, Modern Warfare 2, Singularity (developed By Raven Software) was also delayed to allow it room to breathe away from the busy pre-Christmas line-up.

Now with March 2010 shaping up to be a busy month in its own right with a whole host of big titles jostling for attention, a June release would certainly make a whole lot of sense for Singularity.

Until confirmation arrives however, file this firmly under 'rumour'.

[Via Joystiq]

  • They will only say "O Bioshock2 is gonna fault our sales we must push it back another month". Why cant they just brig it out and stop being scared and hiding in the corner of other games?
  • thats what she said.
  • No idea what #1 said. If someone can tell me what language it is then I can put it into google translator.
  • OOOOOOOHHHH BLAZED no.2 ;) anyway this reminds me of timeshift wich i really really enjoyed, so you never know, more development time could be a blessing! could be the next borderlands (GOD WHAT A GAME THAT WAS)
  • singularity looks awesome, like bioshock meets wolfenstein meets dead space.
  • #3 - I'm saying that they should be scared of other games and just bring the game out. I Understand the MW2 reason but then to push it back again caus of other games coming out the same month is stupid! There just being to nervous and the more they push it back they more they push the fans away and piss them off.. They need to grow some and launch the game! Reason for me saying there getting scared of games like Bioshock etc and pushing back + hiding in the corner from all other titles out the same month.. Need to look that up??
  • Sorry it should be "they shouln't" be scared.
  • HA this conversation has been bright spot to a mediocre day. Thanks guys
  • @6-Wow Nozza take a chill pill and chilax but seriously your first comment makes no sense what so ever (tip- proof read!) on topic raven studios did wolfenstein so im expecting this game to be just as bad no wonder its being 'delayed'!
  • @6, I think the debate could go either way. They could be pushing it from a business perspective, which is smart. Releasing a brand new title with no history behind it will most likely lose in sales against a recognized name/sequel. It just makes total sense... On the other hand, your idea has some logic too. Fearing the recognized names/sequels and pushing it further could lead someone to believe that they have a lack of confidence in their product. L4D2 and AC2 didn't fear MW2 and stuck to their guns.
  • I've been waiting for this game for a while because it looks AWESOME. I hate delays. Oh well, when Bioshock 2 comes out, I won't even think about it for a couple weeks ^-^
  • Post #1 made sense to me :s
  • I can wait a little while longer for this game will save me money because february - march is going to be good games like Bioshock 2, BBC2, FF13, and probaly going to still be playing ME2 ^_^
  • Too many unknowns about this game. I need to wait for some gameplay trailers before I get too exicted.
  • @ #9 - I am. But the guy seems to not understand (as well as you) so I explained it for him in plain terms.. with the added cockyness at the end (as he did in his) @ #10 - Good point! I agree with both. @ #12 - Then we are on the same brain wave.. I even read it now and it makes sense still.. I dont get whats wrong with it? Im put in " " what the makers of the game are saying about it from there end..
  • I understood what Post #1 said except the grammar was terrible. But I agree with him 100%. I think that if you keep pushing back your titles because of big games coming out then they will never be released. I have an idea why don't new IPs then come out in the summer when there is generally a drought of games. I think the main reason though for so many delays this year was because of so many big titles that came out in Q4 2008 which lacked in sales for new IPs i.e. Dead Space, Mirror's Edge etc.
  • Here's a tip to those that don't understand the first post. Try to actually read it. If worst comes to worst, hire that VI interface from Dead Space. She's a great English-to-English translator. I agree with #10, but I fear that I am one of the people who is becoming pushed away from the game due to the delays. I'm still not gonna buy it 'til I either see some gameplay or get a demo, though..
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