Tourist Bus Simulator Will Be Picking You Up For a Journey to Xbox Series X|S This Month

Tourist Bus Simulator Will Be Picking You Up For a Journey to Xbox Series X|S This Month

Richard Walker

If the myriad joys of Bus Simulator 21 failed to satiate your desire for simulated bus driving, then Tourist Bus Simulator will be providing more later this month, albeit specifically in the sunny hotspot of Fuerteventura. Making the jump from PC, the game will be coming to both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 next week.

Boasting an “extensive” suite of management features, Tourist Bus Simulator will enable you to own and run your own bus company, while driving unpaved tracks and roads on the aforementioned Spanish Island. Detailed replicas of the MAN Lion's Coach, the Lion's Coach C, and Lion's Intercity bus will all feature, as will various designs of the Neoplan Skyliner.

A total of twenty cities and beaches will be yours to explore from behind the wheel of a bus, while delivering passengers along scheduled routes, whether as a hotel shuttle or sightseeing tour, all of which will be organised by your own fair hand. Ultimately, it'll be down to you to build and manage a booming bus company.

This involves managing your fleet of buses, maintaining and repairing them, organising catering for bus drivers, tour guides and mechanics, as well as planning and recruiting personnel. Blimey. That's a lot of work. You can find out more in the three-year-old trailer for the PC version below.

Tourist Bus Simulator launches for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on 12th May.

  • This should include a Crash Mode like the Burnout series..
  • I'd play it if it had a Crash Mode.
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