Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Goes Live With a Launch Trailer

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Goes Live With a Launch Trailer

Richard Walker

Halo Infinite's second season of multiplayer is now underway, Lone Wolves adding new maps, modes, themed limited-time events, and a new premium Battle Pass that doesn't have an expiry date. Season 2 also continues the multiplayer narrative, such as it is, with Cortana's dominion at an end, and the Banished filling the void.

In response, Spartan Commander Agryna is building a new generation of Spartans to tackle the threat, while a few scattered, but rugged and resourceful, Spartans are left out in the field. As per Season 2's title, these Spartans call themselves Lone Wolves, and they're at the heart of the new Battle Pass's 100 tiers of rewards.

To get you started, you'll get the free RAKSHASA armour core, which apparently epitomises “the Lone Wolves' spirit”, with scrapped, damaged, discarded UNSC and Banished equipment used to create a “distinctive battlefield-manufactured look”. It's a style that makes it stand out from other Spartan armour cores.

Among the Battle Pass tiers, you'll also find 1,000 Halo Credits to spend in the store, as well as a slew of customisation items and effects for your multiplayer Spartan. Meanwhile, the Season 1 Battle Pass is still available to complete, and you can switch between Passes as you see fit.

As for the new Season 2 maps, there's the new ‘Catalyst’ Arena map and the ‘Breaker’ Big Team Battle map, the former set within an abandoned Forerunner structure, all claustrophobic hallways, raised catwalks, and light-bridges; whereas the latter takes you to a Banished salvage yard, where you'll find a massive plasma cannon and various mechanical structures.

Both maps will also support the return of ‘King of the Hill’ mode, as well as ‘Last Spartan Standing’, a 12-Spartan free-for-all attrition-based mode, which will form the basis for the Lone Wolves event. Additionally, following Season 1's Fracture: Tenrai, Lone Wolves will introduce Fracture: Entrenched, with the new 'Land Grab arena mode.

Halo Infinite Lone Wolves: Season 2 is live now, with more content to come during its duration - possibly even campaign co-op, which is currently slated for August.

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Not mentioned in the article, the MEDIC! achievement is now available. Can be done solo in Customs with bots with the Attrition game mode.
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