AEW Fight Forever Revealed as Yuke's AEW Wrestling Game, Two New Trailers Released

AEW Fight Forever Revealed as Yuke's AEW Wrestling Game, Two New Trailers Released

Matt Lorrigan

WWE is finally getting a competitor in the world of video game wrestling, with AEW Fight Forever coming to consoles and PC.

The game is being developed by Japanese studio Yuke's, who worked on the WWE video series of video games up until WWE 2K19, and was first revealed to the world way back in 2020. Now we've finally got another look at the game, which is now named AEW Fight Forever, with two new trailers putting the spotlight on two AEW stars who will appear in the game - Kris Statlander and Nyla Rose.

So far, it looked very much like a Yuke's wrestling game, although things do look a little bit ropey in these early-development videos. Still, it will be nice to see the WWE series get some good competition when AEW Fight Forever does release, although we don't currently have a release window.

Yuke's departure from the WWE franchise did result in a big downturn in quality with WWE 2K20, which was slammed by players for its huge number of bugs and glitches. This resulted in the new development team, Visual Concepts, cancelling WWE 2K21 and taking a whole extra year to create WWE 2K22. Luckily, this move did seem to pay off, with the latest WWE game proving to be the return to form that we hoped for.

You can check out the two new development update trailers for AEW Fight Forever down below.

  • Ill prob get this. Really like aew sooo much better than wwe nowadays. Got a pretty good roster as well. This is rumoured to be released in sept/oct this year
  • I know Kenny Omega is quite involved with this and he loves some of the best wrestling games, like WCW/NWO Revenge and No Mercy, so I've heard a lot about trying to recapture that style & era.

    The AEW roster is so good, so I really hope this fun, I'd have a blast playing as so many wrestlers.
  • I haven't picked up a wrestling game since 2013 and would be open to another if it plays as well as it should.
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