Deliver Us Mars Journeys to the Red Planet in New Developer Diary

Deliver Us Mars Journeys to the Red Planet in New Developer Diary

Matt Lorrigan

Deliver Us Mars was announced back in March 2022, and now we've got a closer, more in-depth look at the game thanks to a new developer diary from KeokeN Interactive.

The developer is aiming to tell a more mature story, where it's difficult to discern what's right and what's wrong, and where the line between good and evil is a little more blurred.

“Deliver Us Mars centres around a team of astronauts that gets tasked to go to Mars to retrieve the technology that could revitalise the dying planet of Earth,” says narrative director Raynor Arkenbout.

“So the story itself is this grand sweeping and epic drama. We focus a lot on a family, and especially a father-and-daughter relationship, to tell this very personal story, with this epic backdrop of trying to save the planet.”

Game mechanics have also been reworked, and while the core of Deliver Us The Moon is still there, there's also plenty of new stuff, including a new traversal and climbing system. There's also new puzzle mechanics, some of which expand upon the MPT Network from the first game. For more information and footage from the upcoming game, you can watch the full developer diary down below.

Deliver Us Mars is coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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