Toothy Worms Ahoy! More Lost Planet 2 Screens Found

Richard Walker

Where the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition wowed with its acres of white, white snow, Lost Planet 2 apparently aims to do the same for sand as these new shots bathed in nothing but pure, dusty hues show.

There's no arguing with the quality though, as each screen looks utterly fantastic. the majority of the shots show the game's protagonist battling a four-legged, wormy-necked, lizard thing with neck frills. His name's Debouse and he's a new enemy for LP2. Scary.

For all its shortcomings, Lost Planet 1 was still a decent game, but we just pray that LP2's hero can run a bit faster than LP1's plodding, bland character, Wayne.

You can find more in the gallery here.

LP2 is chalked up for a Winter 2010 release.

  • Have yet to play the first one but these screens look nice:)
  • wajooo
  • i want the first one again, this looks pretty good, but it wont be a first day buy i think.
  • the enemies in this game are huge! look like the mark mcguire of enemies.
  • Bloody hell... Thats quality for ya, capcom really know how to make a game look gorgeous with lighting and that thing they always use when the screen goes all shuddery cus the monster roars... XD this game is looking immense.
  • That is resident evil grade beautiful
  • Eh, I only played the first one on easy, thanks to the cheat codes. It wasn't good enough to make me want to even attempt at other achievements.
  • Hopefully Lost Planet 2 upgraded from the original. I played the first one and it was ok, I think a few tweaks and they could have a great game.
  • I loved the first one, and this is looking even better! Hope they up the multiplayer in this one!
  • you sure these are graphics?? looks like concept art to me... nonetheless game is a must buy
  • My Gosh, this game looks so beautiful. Luckily it's coming out later this year so I won't have to decide between this and Splinter Cell. Can't wait to pick this baby up!
  • Im really looking forward to this loved the demo, reminds me of monster hunter tbh, in a wierd way
  • So looking forward to this title! I can't believe how long ago the demo came out!
  • Looks more like a lizard than a worm. Worms don't have legs! Or tongues.
  • The game looks amazing. I'm just not a fan of Lost Planet's gameplay.... or capcom in general honestly. RE5 was great though.
  • @6 There's a reason for that. Same engine as the original Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry 4 and (you guessed it!) Resident Evil 5. Just...the 2.0 version, so better than the rest :D Supposedly the engine they'd use if they made a 3rd Megaman Legends.
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