Brawlhalla is Adding Street Fighter's M. Bison, Dhalsim, Luke, Sakura, and Ken

Brawlhalla is Adding Street Fighter's M. Bison, Dhalsim, Luke, Sakura, and Ken

Matt Lorrigan

Brawlhalla is teaming up with Street Fighter once again, this time adding five new characters from the classic Capcom series to the game.

Previously, Ubisoft's platform fighting game added Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma to the game as crossovers for Petra, Wu Shang, and Val. Now, we've got five more Street Fighter characters coming to the game on 25th May 2022, as well as a nice animated trailer to introduce them.

  • Dhalsim – Epic Crossover for Rayman – Self-disciplined but stern, Dhalsim can stretch his body and conjure fire for swift attacks. He may be a pacifist, but he will fight when necessary.
  • Sakura – Epic Crossover for Lin Fei – Sakura is a patient and disciplined warrior, and many fighters acknowledge her potential to be as strong as the competitors who trained before her.
  • Ken – Epic Crossover for Petra – Similar to his rival and best friend Ryu, Ken’s goal is to prove his strength against many fighters. Ken may be unpredictable and brash, but his heart is pure.
  • M. Bison – Epic Crossover for Thor – M. Bison is a dictator seeking world domination, and he is prepared to take down anyone or anything who gets in the way of his goals.
  • Luke – Epic Crossover for Cross – Luke was inspired to join the military after his father gave his life to help evacuate civilians. After serving, he followed his own path and joined competitive fighting to take on strong opponents around the world.

Additionally, when these characters launch, Brawlhalla will also be bringing back Street Brawl as the featured Brawl of the Week, with players given Street Fighter-style health bars. And finally, a new Street Brawl map will be added, inspired by Bustling Side Street from Street Fighter V.

You can watch the announcement trailer down below.

  • Imagine getting a Street Fighter 5 character on a console that never got Street Fighter 5.
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