Curious Expedition 2 'Shores of Taishi' DLC Announced

Curious Expedition 2 'Shores of Taishi' DLC Announced

Matt Lorrigan

Publisher Thunderful has announced Shores of Taishi, the next DLC expansion for roguelike adventure Curious Expedition 2.

Shores of Taishi promises to add “a bounty of new content” to Curious Expedition 2, bringing with it a new island type, Celestial Shores. This new island type includes a completely new set of tiles, a new game mechanic that allows players to teleport between islets, and the new Peacock Tribe to meet. The DLC will also add six new characters who can be recruited into your party, as well as the following content.

  • Six new enemy types
  • Four new locations
  • Six new pieces of equipment
  • Seven new Sanity Items
  • Seven new Achievements/Trophies
  • Four new levels to unlock

“Supporting Curious Expedition 2 with new content to expand the mysterious terrain players have to explore has always been important to us,” said Riad Djemili, CEO at developer Maschinen-Mensch. “This new DLC adds another unique dimension where players will encounter an aesthetic unlike anything they’ve discovered in the game so far. Have fun out there explorers!”

Curious Expedition 2: Shores of Taishi DLC is coming to PC later this month, before arriving on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch at a later date. You can watch the announcement trailer down below.

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