Gotham Knights Trailer Sees Nightwing and Red Hood Busting Heads in 14 Minutes of New Gameplay

Gotham Knights Trailer Sees Nightwing and Red Hood Busting Heads in 14 Minutes of New Gameplay

Richard Walker

Developer WB Games Montreal and DC have unveiled a first look at Nightwing and Red Hood in Gotham Knights, plying their vigilante trade on the streets of the eponymous crime-ridden city. Narrated by Game Director Geoff Ellenor, the video features 14 minutes of gameplay, revealing both characters' unique abilities.

Tasked with investigating the Court of Owls, Nightwing and Red Hood will work alongside Batgirl and Robin, in an open-world, third-person ‘action RPG’ experience. All four characters have their own distinct fighting style and open-world traversal abilities, including Nightwing's acrobatic combat and aerial glider, and Red Hood twin pistols and leaping skills that use soul energy.

Gotham Knights is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 25th October 2022, with WB Games noting that the game won't be coming to Xbox One or PlayStation 4, in a bid to “provide players with the best possible gameplay experience”. You can also pre-order the game digitally from today, with a choice of Standard or Deluxe Editions. A retail Collector's Edition is also available, with Deluxe Edition, AR collectible pin, 16-page media book, Gotham City map, four-character statue diorama, and more.

All pre-orders will also get the 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin DLC at release, based on the vehicles original appearance in DC Detective Comics #233. Check out Nightwing and Red Hood in action in the new Gotham Knights gameplay below.

  • Good decision not to bring it to last gen. We've seen time and time again that splitting focus by trying to cater to both results in a bad product for both. Cyberpunk and Halo Infinite come to mind.
  • @Zenka Infinite had a lot more issues that had nothing to do with "catering to last gen"
  • I know the end of the video only shows current gen but I'm pretty sure it's still coming to both generations. Unless I missed something...
  • Looks like I missed something! They announced it today.

    Well, s#@t...
  • Lol
  • Hopefully this looks a lot more fluid at launch
  • It's looking great!
  • I hope this game can come out in a good state, but some stuff in this demo was worrisome. Major FPS drops, Red Hoods magic teleporting thing looks stupid as hell. The scene in the Belfry was a big red flag for me, Dick looks like Bane broke HIS back cause he's shuffling around like Mr. Burns for some reason. Not sure why Jason looks like a jacked linebacker, but it's weird.
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