Capcom Posts Another Record Year of Profits Driven By Resident Evil Village

Capcom Posts Another Record Year of Profits Driven By Resident Evil Village

Richard Walker

Capcom has announced a fifth consecutive year of “record-high profit”, driven in part by the continuing success of Resident Evil Village, as well as strong sales for the Monster Hunter games on Switch.

Ongoing sales of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Resident Evil VII: biohazard also helped buoy Capcom's numbers for its financial year ending 31st March 2022, with the Japanese company celebrating net sales of ¥110.1 billion (USD$846.3 million) - a rise of 15.5% compared to last year.

This sets a new company record for Capcom, with operating income growing by 24% to ¥42.9 billion (USD$329.5 million), which notes is the ninth year running that this particular metric has seen growth. Ordinary income also grew by 27.2% to ¥44.3 billion (USD$340.3 million).

As of October 2021, Resident Evil Village had sold 5 million units, which has since risen to a total of 6.1 million copies worldwide. Overall, Capcom has sold 36.2 million units of its games throughout fiscal year 2022 - a significant record high following the previous year's 30.1 million unit milestone.

Indeed, Resident Evil Village proved instrumental in achieving a record year for Capcom in 2021, and with the game set to receive DLC, no doubt sales will continue apace. Resident Evil Village is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

  • Ok, so we know their financial situation. Now can we have some info on the Village DLC?
  • I know village got some negative attention. But it was in my opinion a good game. I liked the bosses and especially the landscape. Reminded me a little of bloodbourne.
  • Loved the game, need a DLC release date already!
  • But... But... all those AAA publishers said that linear singleplayer games were dead, and that horror games don't sell.

    Anyhow, glad Capcom is doing well. I sometimes wish Konami would sell their IPs to Capcom. It'd be cool to see what they could come up with for Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Contra.
  • @4

    They said that because the post sale transactions(Can we really call them microtransactions anymore, some can be very expensive, look at Infinite) make stupid amounts of money and they are easy to implement. Make a game that will last for many years, keep pumping out cosmetics, and watch the stacks rise. Singleplayer games can do well, but you are only ever going to get the game sales, and the lifespan is short, comparability.

    The AAA's want the stupid money(looking at GTA Online oh god), and singleplayer only doesn't reach that ,so failure, bla bla, etc. you get the idea
  • @TigerII they literaly said that no one plays single player games anymore, that's why Dead Space and the Star Wars game and the studio Visceral Games was closed and cancelled in the first place I assume event TheLastAntidote is mentioning
  • @Scardro, you are correct... I was referring to AAA publishers saying these types of things, but more specifically referencing EA's bull about wanting people to believe that no one plays singleplayer games or horror games anymore.

    Pretty much when any publisher tells you something doesn't work, regardless of the subject matter, they're really saying they don't want to do the thing they said doesn't work.

    @Tigerll, Overly monetized online games made to play in perpetuity will always rake in billions, where singleplayer games won't, but that kind of ascendancy isn't sustainable. This is why despite a publisher's success, they'll terminate hundreds of employees or shutdown whole studios... To create the appearance of the constant upward trend. However, singleplayer games are successful and can make you good money. The problem is, AAA publishers aren't satisfied making some money, they want to make all the money.
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