Apex Legends Has Brought in Over $2 Billion For EA

Apex Legends Has Brought in Over $2 Billion For EA

Matt Lorrigan

Apex Legends has made over $2 billion over its lifetime, EA has revealed, as part of its most recent financial earnings report.

Since Apex Legends was announced and launched on the same day back in February 2019, Respawn's free-to-play shooter quickly carved its own piece of the battle royale pie, and has continued to thrive with frequent updates, new playable legends, new maps, and more.

According to EA's report, Apex Legends income was up 40% over the last year, which manage to take it past $2 billion in income. This was boosted by the release of the most recent season of content, Season 12, which EA says was “the most successful ever”. Additionally, EA said that FIFA 22 was “the most successful FIFA ever” in terms of live service income.

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

  • 2 billion eh? time to cut jobs because capitalism
  • Mapmakermaster - to be fair mate, the CEO needs to take $1.95 billion in salary, so there's just not enough left for everyone else! Such a shame...
  • @MattLorrigan - Fine, fine... Since you're all complaining, the CEO will take an $800,000 pay cut out of the $1.95 billion. Just don't tell anyone about my $40 million bonus I'm getting later.
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