Gotham Knights Won't Have Crossplay or Local Multiplayer

Gotham Knights Won't Have Crossplay or Local Multiplayer

Matt Lorrigan

Gotham Knights won't offer crossplay or local co-op, WB Games has revealed in an updated FAQ.

We got our first extensive look at Gotham Knights gameplay earlier this week, showing off multiplayer co-op between two members of the Batman family, Nightwing and Red Hood. However, if you were hoping to jump online on your Xbox with a friend on PlayStation, that unfortunately won't be an option, with crossplay support “not planned at this time”.

Maybe you can invite your PlayStation-loving friend round to yours then, for a cheeky Gotham Knights session in person? Once again, unfortunately not, as WB Games states that co-op “can only be played with online with an internet connection”. Who else misses the days of split-screen multiplayer, aye?

Combined with the cancellation of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, this perhaps hasn't been the best week for Gotham Knights news, although we're still optimistic that the game will offer some fun Arkham-style shenanigans when it launches later this year.

Gotham Knights is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 25th October 2022.

  • That wasn't obvious or nothing
  • ^^ exactly
  • Right? This is the least "newsy" bit of news we've had so far.

    I'm also assuming I can't play it on my Blackberry but I'll wait for confirmation.
  • Local Co-Op would have been appreciated but I don't think anyone is surprised by its exclusion.
  • Looking more and more like a pass every day!
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