Sherlock Holmes Developer Frogwares Receives 'MegaGrant' From Epic Games Following Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Sherlock Holmes Developer Frogwares Receives 'MegaGrant' From Epic Games Following Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Matt Lorrigan

Frogwares, the Ukrainian studio behind Sherlock Holmes Chapter One and The Sinking City, has announced that it has received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games to provide support during the war in Ukraine.

The funds from the Epic MegaGrant “will be crucial in relocating employees to safer areas and will help those who've moved to remote regions of Ukraine” as well as those who have moved to other EU countries to escape the war, says Frogwares.

“The war has also created a financial gap for the studio that has impacted our business. We've been working hard these past couple of months to renew and maintain the usual pipelines, and the MegaGrant will assist us in suppling our team with specialised equipment that's vital for game development, and to migrate our data infrastructure.”

Frogwares goes on to thank Epic Games, saying the grant will soften the financial blow from the war and allow the studio to “stay on its feet”.

  • Why?
  • @bulock3, why not? It's Epic's money to whatever they want with it, honestly. Even if you don't like Frogwares as a developer or have your own opinion of Russians or Ukranians or the invasion... It has no bearing on you that Frogwares receives this grant, and it will have zero effect towards you. So carry on, business as usual, and I promise, you won't notice a single difference.
  • Glad to see Epic putting their financials behind a good cause. Hopefully the developers can get to safe places and stay healthy.
  • @bulock3
    Helping civilian people NEVER can be wrong. No matter for what reason.
  • @4 what if the civilians have terrible ideologies, such as White Supremacists?
  • @Tiger, I would say, unless such ideologies are blatantly obvious or visibly known, it'd be hard to know that those you help out would engage in wrongdoing, right? I could donate to a charity and not know the head of that charity would pocket the money or take a cut of the money. Likewise, a person could receive monetary aid from a charity, grant, or the government, and still go out and steal cars, rob people, etc. I'm not making excuses, I'm just saying, without it being blatantly obvious or at least visibly known, it'd be difficult to tell or know one's ideologies.
  • @6

    My point was they said there is NEVER a good reason to not help civilians, and I was saying what if they were openly terrible people? As you said, blatantly obvious white supremacists who promote the destruction of people of colour. Kinda like a third of the US population...

    If the US erupted into civil war, and the rest of us were trying to bring aid to civilians during this, should the populations that would support white supremacists ideology, even if they don't act on it in a combative way be saved, or left to be destroyed for the betterment of the world?
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