Saints Row Gameplay: 17-Minutes of Stunts, Wingsuits, Customisation, and Wanton Violence

Saints Row Gameplay: 17-Minutes of Stunts, Wingsuits, Customisation, and Wanton Violence

Richard Walker

Saints Row has always been known for its overblown stunts, outlandish humour, and slapstick violence, and, based upon our latest look at the game (you can read our full preview impressions here), the upcoming reboot looks no different in that regard.

Taking the open world action to the streets of Santo Ileso, a city that developer Volition promises will be its most diverse Saints environment yet, Saints Row deals with the origins of the eponymous gang, and their rise to power. Fighting to make a name for themselves against rival factions, the Saints will need to scratch out some cash, before gradually tightening its grip on Santo Ileso, one district at a time.

Featuring masses of customisation, a stack of ludicrous weapons, loads of vehicles, an ejector seat, wingsuit, and a whole mess of other mad stuff, Saints Row will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 23rd August. Take a look at 17-minutes of unfettered Saints Row action in our gameplay below.

  • But will it have Insurance Fraud like the first Saint's game? I spent hours just enjoy the horrible ragdoll physics of that mode.
  • @1 - Yep! Insurance Fraud is in the game.
  • @1-2

    When I was in Brazil for three years, I had a lot of attempted insurance fraud against me, it was not as funny as in the game big sad :(
  • @3 Yeah but did you play in traffic and bounce 100 feet in the air why making comedic screams and one liners to generate thousands of dollars by pinballing off buildings? :P I always liked the insurance fraud mini game. My favorite though was Mayhem. Those are great. Building a giant multiplier by shooting some fencing then nuking a gas station or parking lot to cash in the points for the big reward was very satisfying.
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