Hot Wheels Unleashed is Getting a Looney Tunes Expansion

Hot Wheels Unleashed is Getting a Looney Tunes Expansion

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Milestone has announced that Hot Wheels Unleashed is getting a Looney Tunes expansion in July.

Partnering with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, the Looney Tunes expansion will be bringing the spirits of the classic cartoons to the racing game. This will include five brand new vehicles, a themed Track Builder Module, new themed customisation items (for both the Basement and the Player's Profile) and a new environment - the Looney Tunes Adventure Park. This park will be divided into four areas, including the desert setting of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner's shenanigans.

The Looney Tunes Expansion will be available in the Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 3, or available to purchase separately, from 14th July 2022. You can check out the teaser trailer down below.

  • With 2 expansions out with 30G each for a few cars/levels and priced 15€ each...
    A themed DLC with more content will be what ? 29€ ?
    Glad I didn't purchase the game as planned ^^
  • It’s in the 3rd pass. However much that is. Love Looney Tunes. May have to get this.
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