Marvel's Midnight Suns Could Reportedly Revamp Card-Based Combat

Marvel's Midnight Suns Could Reportedly Revamp Card-Based Combat

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Firaxis Games has apparently “revamped” Marvel's Midnight Suns, according to journalist Tom Henderson via Try Hard Guides.

Henderson, who has an excellent track record for reporting on unreleased titles, says that his sources have suggested that the tactical superhero game will receive some form of “huge revamp” following its delay late last year.

While the exact nature of the revamp isn't stated outright, Henderson suggests that it's likely to address fan concerns about “the game's random game mechanic”. This is in reference to the card-based combat that was shown off, which proved unpopular with fans.

The revamped version of the game will likely be revealed off during Summer Game Fest beginning on 9th June, with a new trailer to be shown and a new release date likely to be announced.

  • Card based combat? If it still has this, it’s a hell no from me dawg
  • Hiring the actress who played Nico in the Hulu show to voice her is a big plus, but is it a big enough plus to negate card-based combat? No. No it isnt.
  • This game is gonna be a huge flop.
  • It'll be interesting to see what exactly is the "re-vamp". I remember the problem with this game when they revealed the gameplay of it was that the immediate take-aways were... you had abilities for you to unlock in the form of collectible cards for each character, various outfits to unlock and collect for each character, and daily tasks and challenges to do in the Abbey to unlock abilities.

    Anyone could see from a mile away where exactly they wanted to go with this game's format. That's what completely turned me off to this game.
  • @TheLastAntidote the only chance this game has is if they make it a full blown turn based xcom style game, without any cards involved. As long as they have cards in there, it’s going to flop harder than Humpty Dumpty when he fell from the wall.
  • @Situation what about an Ultimate Alliance/Legends style gameplay
  • Eh, I don't mind card-based combat but it seems Xcom style turn-based combat would suit this game better.
  • @revczar that’s not the style of game that this company has been hired to make, nor do I believe they have made other games like that. They make tactical games.
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