Roller Champions Has Rolled its Way to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Today

Roller Champions Has Rolled its Way to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Today

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has today released Roller Champions, offering free-to-play rollerblading arena-based PvP sports action, available with cross-play and cross-progression on all platforms. A three-on-three affair, Roller Champions encourages teamwork, as you battle opponents to be the first to reach five points.

Scoring involves putting in laps around the arena and chucking the ball through the hoop. It's a bit like 70s cult movie Rollerball, but without James Caan and all the futuristic violence. You can play alone or with friends, while in the skatepark, you can meet with other players, learn new tricks, and play mini-games together.

While the game will feature cosmetic items to unlock, exclusive stuff can also be earned via the game's Roller Pass, with both a free and premium track. The free track has 11 items to unlock, while shelling out for the premium track offers 41 rewards to acquire through in-game progression, until 21st June when ‘Kickoff Season’ ends.

Roller Champions is available now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC, with Kickoff Season also introducing three additional arenas and two limited-time game modes. You can find out more in the latest trailers below.

  • I installed it yesterday so I can take a look when I get a moment today. Just a little curious to see how it plays.

  • I dislike this weird trend of earning stuff with a free and premium pass. Halo infinite kept showing me cool stuff I would have earned if only I’d paid!
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