Halo Infinite's Head of Design Leaves 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's Head of Design Leaves 343 Industries

Matt Lorrigan

Jerry Hook, head of design on Halo Infinite's multiplayer, has announced that he is leaving 343 Industries and Halo behind.

Hook has worked on the Halo series since Halo 4, where he served as an executive producer, and before that, he worked at Microsoft, helping to create the Xbox Live service.

“Today marks my last day at 343i, Microsoft and Halo. This journey has been filled with creating new worlds, platforms and products from Xbox, Xbox Live to Halo,” Hook said in his statement.

“Most of all it has been working alongside some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry, that have impacted millions of players around the world. Thank you to all that have let me run alongside you in this amazing industry. And thank you to this community.”

Because the internet is the internet, there was some speculation following Hook's announcement that he was “forced out” or fired from 343, but he quickly shut down these rumours.

“Thank you all for the thoughts and well wishes. No, I was not fired or let go. I opted to do the one thing that everyone at some point has to do to grow their experiences; Take a risk on yourself, push your limits and expand your horizons.”

  • I’ll be honest. Not sad to see them go. Not even a little bit.
  • I don't think anyone works at 343 willingly
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