Gotham Knights' Nightwing 'Fortnite' Glider Explained by WB Games Montreal

Gotham Knights' Nightwing 'Fortnite' Glider Explained by WB Games Montreal

Richard Walker

Showcased in Gotham Knights' gameplay showcase earlier this month, developer WB Games Montreal offered a first in-depth look at the game's Gotham sandbox, and how two of the four heroes, Nightwing and Red Hood, will be able to traverse the city. Where Red Hood uses mystical ‘soul energy’ to bound across the skyline, Nightwing has a glider.

Some have dubbed Nightwing's method of traversal a ‘Fortnite glider’, but, according to Creative Director Patrick Redding, the “Flying Trapeze” has its roots in classic issues of DC's Nightwing comic book series, in which Dick Grayson used various jet-fuelled gliders to get around. The trapeze aspect, is inspired by Grayson's formative years as a circus acrobat.

“We liked the death-defying angle of him looking at all the various stealth drones in Batman's arsenal and calculating that he could just get away with hanging off one of the smaller models and still be able to maintain or gain altitude with it,” Redding explained in a Discord Q&A session (via GameSpot) earlier today.

“It's designed to feel a bit improvised, and dependent on his extreme athleticism, which fits Nightwing's approach to everything,” he added. “Flying it has such a different feel from Batgirl's cape-gliding, and it blends really well with his bigger parkour and leap moves, as well as with grappling.”

Game Director Geoff Ellenor went into more detail regarding each of Gotham Knights' characters and how they traverse the environment, with Batgirl's cape glide influenced by the wind, Red Hood's leaping designed to feel like fast-paced platforming, and Robin's teleportation meant to reflect his swiftness.

"Nightwing's glider feels different because it's a machine, and you can angle it to climb up and around tall buildings, as well as glide," said Ellenor. “They're all really different in feel, and until you play them for a little bit, it's hard to appreciate how much it changes how you roam around Gotham.”

As well as unique traversal abilities, each hero will also have their own specific skills, including Batgirl's hacking abilities and health-based powers, Nightwing's blend of combat mobility and co-op support, Red Hood fulfilling the tank role with long-range damage dealing and crowd control. Robin, meanwhile, is adept at stealth-based tactics. The gear you equip and skills you choose to invest in will enable you to specialise in other areas, if you so wish.

Gotham Knights will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 25th October 2022, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions cancelled. Cross-play and local co-op multiplayer also won't feature.

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