Bethesda's Indiana Jones Game Might Not End Up as an Xbox Exclusive

Bethesda's Indiana Jones Game Might Not End Up as an Xbox Exclusive

Matt Lorrigan

Bethesda's upcoming Indiana Jones game might not end up as an Xbox exclusive, despite Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, according to journalist Jez Corden. (via VGC)

Speaking on the Xbox Two podcast last week, Corden was speaking with YouTuber Rand al Thor 19, who brought up the possibility of Indiana Jones being an Xbox exclusive.

“It isn't,” said Corden, who has a good track record with unannounced Xbox information. “I pretty much know it isn't”

Corden goes on to clarify that he had heard that Indiana Jones wasn't exclusive “like a year ago” and that things could have changed, but that he's fairly certain it isn't Xbox exclusive. Corden also says that it could be shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase next month, and both hosts agree it will like launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

The Indiana Jones game was first announced in January 2021, and is being developed by Wolfenstein studio MachineGames.

  • Well, since the actual sale didn’t go through until *after* the game was announced, even though the acquisition was in talks as far back as September 2020, it’s logical that it wouldn’t be exclusive.
  • This is good. More games on more consoles is good.
  • @blakgravy Makes sense that it would be a Xbox Exclusive cause Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 are gonna be and they were in development well before the acquisition
  • I didn't even know this was a thing

    @3 I think it is more accurate to say they will be excluded from the other consoles, but they are not exclusive to XBOX. All Microsoft games release at launch on PC now
  • this makes good sense. sell games...make money. (gotta make some of that A/B money back somehow...that being said, MS better lower the price of COD games - even though i don't play/buy them anymore - 50$ or more for a 5yo game is ridiculous. lower those prices!)
  • @The Rural Juror Microsoft doesn't have to lower the price of CoD games, they will be free with game pass, that's the whole reason they are doing this, to get people to sign up to game pass. Of course you don't have to, but then you have to pay full price but for how much game pass costs, it's a no brainer to have it if you have an Xbox really.
  • @TigerII i assumed when someone says exclusive it's only console talk, yes I know it'll be on PC no matter what Xbox been releasing all their games on PC so that goes without saying
  • Now if I could only get a PS5...
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