SoulCalibur 2 HD Has Been Delisted From the Xbox Store For Some Reason

SoulCalibur 2 HD Has Been Delisted From the Xbox Store For Some Reason

Richard Walker

SoulCalibur II HD has recently been delisted from the Microsoft Store for unknown reasons, despite the game being backwards compatible on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The first SoulCalibur for the original Xbox has also been removed.

Released for Xbox 360 in 2013, the HD version included two of the three guest characters, and it's thought that the inclusion of Todd McFarlane comic book character Spawn, could be a legal sticking point. As for the removal of the first game, that's anyone's guess.

Of course, if you already own SoulCalibur II HD, you can download it and play it, but if you were hoping to purchase the game, you're out of luck. That is unless you can secure a download code from a retailer. SoulCalibur II HD for Xbox 360 features guest characters Heihachi (from the PS2 version) and Spawn (from the Xbox version). When it originally launched, the GameCube version came with Link from Nintendo's Zelda series. For obvious reasons, he's not in the Xbox 360 release.

SoulCalibur II HD being delisted was spotted by Jon Cartwright who shared the development on Twitter. Hopefully, this is only a temporary thing, and Bandai Namco restores the game to the Microsoft Store soon.

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  • I noticed this with some other back compat games as well over the years. I mean technically if you bought these games digitally or have a disc they still play but making a game harder to get is never cool.
  • For sure! Even worse if it's a game that has no retail edition like both old SoulCalibur games. Missed it, so sad.
  • Most of the time games being delisted is because of licensing issues, guest characters and music tracks being the biggest culprits.
  • Soul Caliber II: More HD'er Re-release coming soon.
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