June's Games With Gold Include Aven Colony and Super Meat Boy

June's Games With Gold Include Aven Colony and Super Meat Boy

Richard Walker

You've one day left (today) to snap up May's Games with Gold, because June's Games with Gold will be arriving tomorrow, offering alien city builder Aven Colony and Project Highrise: Architect's Edition, in which you can build your own complex skyscraper. It's a strong one-two for fans of building stuff.

Where Aven Colony has you creating a new world for humanity, Project Highrise sees you developing colossal skyscrapers, before attracting businesses, tourists, conventions, and more to your massive erection. The game features a sandbox mode, as well as 29 scenario-based challenges to tackle.

Rounding out June's Games with Gold is hard-as-nails platformer Super Meat Boy, which will test your reflexes and patience to breaking point across more than 300 single-player levels. And last, but by no means least, is Raskulls, a block-breaking adventure offering 60 levels of frenzied platforming fun, with local and online multiplayer modes.

You can check out the latest Games with Gold for June below.

Games with Gold: June 2022

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Aven Colony and Super Meat Boy should be free right now, too.
    But pretty sure SMB is a duplicate as I already had it in my library
  • One building game should be enough. For the 360, they are out of options i guess.
  • Microsoft truly could provide games where they wouldn't have to start releasing duplicates, and could be a bit more varied with their options, too. The Xbox catalog is large enough at this point, and they don't have to be 360 or OG games either. They could start to dip into the indie stuff that's 7-10 years old at this point, keeping the newer stuff for GamePass. I think anyone would agree they'd take a 10 year old indie game that could be just ok, or possibly a hidden gem, instead of a duplicate.
  • @TheLastAntidote: I'm with you but I think they are saving the "good" games for Games Pass. A slap in the face for people who have had XBL Gold accounts since day one though.
  • How about some of the games from that last bunch of 360? MK9 and MKvsDC would be nice.
  • @E Rock, I agree in that they want to save the good stuff for GamePass, but I honestly don't believe GamePass would suffer at all if Microsoft dug into the really old indie stuff, that's 8-10 years old, that no longer has a presence in the marketplace, with little to no sales anymore, and give it some revitalization by offering it as a free game in games with gold.

    It serves better than releasing duplicate games, and at best we get an ok game or a hidden gem. At worst, we don't like it and move on, which couldn't be any worse than giving us Brave, Cars, Toy Story, or Meet The Robinsons.
  • Would be sick if they fixed the broken mp achievement in Raskulls. Was a fun game.
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