Vigor Chronicles: Absolution Introduces a New Map, Battle Pass, New Weapons, and More

Vigor Chronicles: Absolution Introduces a New Map, Battle Pass, New Weapons, and More

Richard Walker

Developer Bohemia Interactive has today released a new update for Vigor, its free-to-play looter-shooter, which left Game Preview to launch in full back in 2019. The latest update, titled Vigor Chronicles: Absolution, includes a new story to follow, a new Elimination map, new weapons, and various quality of life changes.

The new ‘Fish Factory’ Elimination map arrives alongside major changes to Elimination mode itself, a new radioactive grenade throwable, the L86A1 LSW machine gun, and reworks to the game's existing machine guns. The new story elements, meanwhile, follow the research of Dr. Dubois and Dr. Azimov, as they seek a way to reverse the effects of radiation.

Naturally, the research leads the doctors into a series of dark secrets, and, as such, the latest chunk of Vigor's narrative (delivered via 22 collectible cassettes) promises to explore murky and mysterious territory, as well as themes of "morality and personal values", and how easy both can be lost within the game's bleak, post-apocalyptic world.

Vigor Chronicles: Absolution is available for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch now, with a new 75-level Battle Pass, all of the above, and a reroll option available for Challenges. You can get the full rundown in the Vigor Update 12.0 changelog here, and take a look at Chronicles: Absolution chapter in the trailer below.

  • I'm honestly surprised this is still supported
  • Agree. I had some fun on it, got the completion and then never went back.
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