Sonic Frontiers Gets 7 Minutes of Wall-Running, Rail-Grinding, High-Jumping Gameplay

Sonic Frontiers Gets 7 Minutes of Wall-Running, Rail-Grinding, High-Jumping Gameplay

Richard Walker

Following yesterday's incredibly brief teaser, a new chunk of Sonic Frontiers gameplay has emerged today, showcasing seven minutes of open world exploration and traversal, as the blue blur scales towering stone structures, wallruns, performs aerial acrobatics, and rail grinds at speed while collecting rings.

While Sonic has his usual repertoire of moves, like air dashes, spin attacks, homing strikes, and such, he's a few new tricks up his sleeve too, like the aforementioned wallrunning, the ability to vault between vertical surfaces, and a sort of ground pound superhero landing. There's even a spot of puzzle-solving, which is nice.

You can take a look at the new Sonic Frontiers gameplay below, courtesy of IGN, then look out for the upcoming open world Sonic foray when it launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in ‘holiday 2022’.

  • Not sure this is the best way to show off the game, the world looks decent, kind of reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles a bit but oh boy is it ever empty and barren. As a first look this is pretty underwhelming, you would think they would lead with an overview of what type of things to expect instead of showing racing around an empty world doing barebones simple puzzles for...whatever reason that is.
  • Sonic has always and will always suck
  • @#2:
    Your Butt-Hurt for another Hedgehog's (Box Office) success will never quench thine anger. *McGrin*
  • @1, I agree... While watching the video, my immediate thought was, "wow... this is pretty damn boring. Is that all you do? aimlessly run around, grind a few rails, bounce off of a few springs, and collect a handful of rings?"

    I'm sure there must be more to it, but open world games are commonly known for being these large, empty maps, devoid of depth and meaningful content, and boy oh boy, does this video truly fit the stereotype.
  • Reading some comments on the YT video has me in agreement. "This looks like a fan-made UE4 character swap, with basic Unity assets."
  • Looks pretty, but damn does it look boring and empty..... even more so than most open world games.

    Seems more like a fangame made in unity with storebought assets than something created by game devs with a vision.
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