The Callisto Protocol Gameplay and December 2022 Release Date Revealed

The Callisto Protocol Gameplay and December 2022 Release Date Revealed

Richard Walker

Developer Striking Distance Studios has revealed the first proper gameplay from upcoming sci-fi survival horror, The Callisto Protocol, showcasing the sort of terrifying nastiness you'll encounter within the game's space prison.

Given its Dead Space heritage (studio head Glen Schofield worked on the original Dead Space), The Callisto Protocol looks to be every inch the grisly horror game, with claustrophobic corridors and hideous creatures around every corner.

Don't take our word for it - check out the gameplay reveal trailer below. The Callisto Protocol launches for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 2nd December 2022.

  • Really looking forward to this and it certainly looks like it will be scary as fuck. Also getting in there before the Dead Space remake is a nice jab at EA.
  • I'm hoping this will be a huge hit.
  • @Dirty130, yeah it' d be nice if this'd become a success to the level where it could lead to a sequel or a series. But these days, I take trailers with a massive pinch of salt, and never buy day one, so only time will tell.
  • Yea, I understand. It's hard to have any faith in an upcoming new game these days. Unfortunately, hope usually turns to disappointment so as you say, only time will tell.
  • Between this, Scorn and Dead Space, the next year is gonna be great for horror ^_^
  • Yup this does look very nice is there any idea if it’s going to have a ‘physical’ release??
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