Resident Evil 4 Remake Announced For March 2023 Xbox Series X|S Release

Resident Evil 4 Remake Announced For March 2023 Xbox Series X|S Release

Richard Walker

Capcom has officially announced that Resident Evil 4 remake will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC in March 2023, taking you back to the muddy European village as Leon S. Kennedy, to once again rescue the President's daughter.

The RE4 remake will be aiming to provide “a state-of-the-art quality for a survival horror… while preserving the essence of the original game,” according to Capcom. “We aim to make the game feel familiar to fans of the series, while also providing a fresh feeling to it.”

This means that as well as modernised visials using the always jaw-dropping RE Engine, Resident Evil 4 will also feature a ‘reimagined’ storyline and updated controls. You can expect to encounter the villainous Sadler once again, of course, as well as deal with constant pain-in-the-arse, Ashley Graham.

Resident Evil 4 remake will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 24th March 2023.

  • It was no secret this was coming, but hell yes am I excited for it. 2023 is so incredibly stacked, I feel I should start saving my money now for the onslaught of games and hardware with PSVR 2.
  • I look forward to seeing what they do it it [especially the controls as I honestly don't like the aiming system in 4 and never really did.]

    But I have to say, it doesn't seem very smart to release it as the very next game after Village, since they will likely feel very similar.

    I wish we'd gotten remakes of 0, 1 or VX first [or better yet, Dino crisis or Outbreak,] in order to break up the feel of the games.
  • Scorn, Calisto Protocol, Dead Space Remake, and now RE4 Remake all within a few months of eachother! Horror game fans are gonna have a great fucking time!!!
  • Thought that RE4 was fun to play with quite good visuals on Xbox One. Not sure if a remake really is necessary as it's still good as it is. But why not I'll give it a try.
  • Stoked to finally have a release date!
  • I love RE4. Since the GameCube, it's most likely the game I played on the most system (GC, PS2, Wii, 360, One and soon SX xD) !
    Everyone talks about GTA5 but compared to RE4 it's a joke !
  • I am in 2 minds about this. As much as I loved the original, I thought the only thing wrong was that you had to stand still while you aimed your weapon. I will definitely play the remake as this should probably be corrected, but, I hope it doesn't spoil the memory of the original the same as the RE2 and 3 remakes.
  • Well i loved resi 4 but ive played it sooo many times across multiple platforms not sure id wana pay out for it again.
  • Based on Rumours, Ada will have a separate campaign again, combining Separate Ways and Assignment Ada, while Ashley will have more playable segments.
    And hopefully we get some Luis play time. Gonna be interesting to see how they mix things up.
  • Do we really need to play as Ashley this time?
  • @10

    If they make her an actual character and not the damsel in distress trope, then it could be fine. I always liked The Last of Us in that regard. Yes, Joel is escorting Ellie, but she also defended herself and saved Joel sometimes.
  • It was a very logic approach for Capcom to make this remake next, since they have many of RE Village assets at hand to use accordingly. And because RE Village is the best looking game of the franchise so far, I am sure this RE4 remake being a current gen exclusive will put the RE Engine to the max. Hope the control schemes also evolve to modern standards; not moving while firing in a modern action/survival game feels out of place, awkward and inconvenient.
  • I love RE4 but I still think Code Veronica needs the Remake Love more
  • @Tiger, that's a good point. The Last of Us is a good example. Another good example, but from a reverse perspective is A Plague Tale. I loved how they didn't make Amicia this ultra strong, fierce, independent, unstoppable character.

    Amicia did exhibit those parts of those qualities, but she also was impulsive, short tempered, needed help, and didn't always make the best decisions. That made her so much more believable and far more interesting.
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