GoldenEye 007 Release Looks Near With Achievements Now Viewable on Xbox Website

GoldenEye 007 Release Looks Near With Achievements Now Viewable on Xbox Website

Matt Lorrigan

The long-awaited rerelease of GoldenEye 007 looks closer than ever, with achievements now viewable in broad daylight on the official Xbox website.

The GoldenEye 007 Achievement List first appeared in Xbox's backend right at the beginning of the year, and was picked up by our tracking system. This let us know that the game had finally been ported to modern Xbox consoles, which achievements popping up as developers at Rare tested the game.

Now, however, Twitter user Wario64 has discovered the official achievement list on Xbox's own website, complete with percentage unlocks, full-sized achievement artwork, and everything else you'd expect from a game that's ready for release. With the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase just a few days away, could we see GoldenEye 007 shadow dropped during the presentation? We wouldn't bet against it, that's for sure. In the meantime, you can check out a full playthrough of the unreleased XBLA version of GoldenEye 007 right here.

  • Probably gonna go live on the 12th
  • Really looking forward to this.
  • I'm 45 and I've never understood the appeal of this game. I've always thought it sucked.
  • I'm 47. Loved it and Perfect Dark. Hard to go back to though now. Still looking forward to playing it on Xbox. Still play the 64 version with buddies. My guess is this weekend also. Might go live on Nintendo as well.
  • I'm 33 so this game came out when I was days away from turning 9 years old and all I had was an NES and a Gameboy.

    A PC was well out of my parents budget so I missed out on the beginnings of first-person shooters so after I spent a weekend at a friend's house playing Goldeneye and my jaw was on floor and I needed to own an N64.

    First-person shooters became my favorite genre. Goldeneye lead me to Perfect Dark in the year 2000 and Halo a year after that. I wouldn't own an Xbox without Goldeneye leaving such an impression on me 25 years ago. There was nothing like it for its time.
  • @Man5on6: Can you be more specific as to what you don't like about it? Maybe not a Bond fan? I was 22 when this game released, and I felt it expanded a lot on what the other shooters were doing at the time. Besides just shooting your way through and finding key cards, there were mission specific tasks, stealth approaches, and local multiplayer. It was a must have title at retail for well over a year because of its innovation - especially in the console space.
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