Sonic Frontiers Combat Gameplay Emerges as Fans Call For Game to be Delayed

Sonic Frontiers Combat Gameplay Emerges as Fans Call For Game to be Delayed

Richard Walker

Following recent gameplay from SEGA's upcoming Sonic Frontiers, and a subsequent trailer focusing upon combat (below), fans have called upon SEGA and Sonic Team to delay the game. In fact, the #DelaySonicFrontiers hashtag started trending briefly on Twitter, as fans expressed their disappointment in the gameplay.

The gameplay trailers come care of an IGN First partnership with SEGA, in which specific aspects of Sonic Frontiers have been revealed in the run up to this year's release. In response the gameplay videos, fans have criticised the game for looking 'stiff', with its open world comprising vast, sparse expanses, and too few opportunities for Sonic to get some speed and momentum going.

However, Svend Joscelyne, IGN Global Publishing Director and Founder of Sonic fan site, Sonic Stadium, explained (via VGC) that the decision to delay Sonic Frontiers won't necessarily work. “Sonic Frontiers appears to want to be a hyper-realistic, combat-focused Sonic game that draws from the movies… that leans on Sonic’s athleticism rather than physics/momentum based play. And that’s fine if that’s the goal. It’s just not the Sonic game I was hoping for in 2022," he writes.

“I'll still assess it on its merits, if it all gets polished up between now and Winter, it might be a real fun time for fans looking for this sort of thing 🙂 But a delay isn’t going to be necessary I think," Joscelyne added. "Sonic Team has its goals set, it’s moving forward with this. Accept it.”

Sonic Frontiers is currently targeting a ‘holiday 2022’ release window. You can check out the combat gameplay below.

  • So enemies are essentially bullet sponges, that looks SO fun. This game looks like a garbage fire at the moment.
  • The more I see of this game, the worse it looks.

    It looks more like a sonic knockoff made in Halo's Forge world than a real game.

    The weird floating rails and platforms work in a curated linear level [like in sonic adventure 1 and 2] but look dumb as hell in a sparse open world.

    And sonic is just too fast for full 3D movement and combat because it's just so hard to control characters at high speed [I think Prototype and Saints Row 4 pretty much pushed that to the limit and those were still being funnelled down roads with natural barriers [the buildings] to hem you in.
  • The enemy design is bland and horrid. I miss crab and ladybug robots.
  • SEGA: "Since we want to capitalize on the success of the films, we thought we'd show you a 7-minute video of Sonic pointlessly running around in a somewhat realistically looking barren wasteland of an open world. Nothing to do... Just scale a few walls, grind a few rails, bounce a few springs, collect a few rings. Oh... You didn't like that?"

    SEGA again: "Well, hold on... Let me show you the combat... Ignore the still barren wasteland of
    our open world. Here, we have a video of Sonic spending 10 minutes trying to defeat a cluster of ping pong balls by repeatedly Chun Li kicking the shit out of it... Oh! And here we have Sonic taking another 10 minutes tracing a blue circle around a pair of legs to also defeat it by Chun Li kicking the shit out of that too. Hold on, hold on... We've got a boss fight in here too. Huh? You still don't like it? Well, these are our goals moving forward. Accept it."

    Yeah, this game is totally fine.
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