Street Fighter 6 Set After Street Fighter III, Versus Screen Face-Pulling Confirmed

Street Fighter 6 Set After Street Fighter III, Versus Screen Face-Pulling Confirmed

Richard Walker

Capcom has revealed a few additional nuggets of info about Street Fighter 6, off the back of its gameplay debut last week, in which Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie were confirmed as the first four characters. A 22-character roster leak swiftly followed, which Capcom in turn acknowledged, and now there are few more details to pore over.

One of which is Street Fighter 6's place in the SF timeline. Apparently, SF6 will take place after Street Fighter III, which explains why Ryu is shown sporting the kasaya Buddhist robes, reminiscent of his master, Goken. At this point, Ryu feels that he's “not there yet” in terms of strength and skill, according to Game Director Taka Nakayama.

Another detail confirmed for SF6 is the new ‘Game Face’ feature, wherein you'll be able to psyche out your opponent by making different facial expressions using the d-pad. “Show your attitude with the Game Face Feature in #StreetFighter6 by pressing directional buttons during the versus screen,” the tweet from Capcom reads.

“Scowl at your opponent, act all smug, or confuse them with a mixture of rapid emotions!”

Street Fighter 6 is due to launch in 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. Presumably, we'll find out a little more about the game during Capcom's upcoming showcase next week.

  • So Bison shouldn't be in the game at all
  • @scardro technically no but everytime they think he’s dead he’s actually in hiding or being resurrected. I suspect lots of old faces will likely show up as dlc.
  • that gameface thing looks stupid af
  • Happy that parrying will return. I sure hope it's like Street Fighter III's system and not 'buttons' to parry.

    Don't care if Bison makes a return or not as he's one of the few characters I don't care to play much.

    The new game face thing on the loading screen.. Seems dumb and unneeded. Probably increases load times, too. Whatever, I'll just mash different directions so it looks like Zangief is having a stroke.
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