Battlefield 2042 - Season 1: Zero Hour Gameplay Drops Ahead of Launch This Week

Battlefield 2042 - Season 1: Zero Hour Gameplay Drops Ahead of Launch This Week

Richard Walker

EA and DICE have today unveiled Battlefield 2042 - Season 1: Zero Hour, the delayed first season of post-launch content, due to roll out later this week. The season will introduce a new map set amid vertiginous mountainous terrain, as well as a new Specialist, “tactical” additions to your arsenal of weapons and gadgets, and more.

All of this will be available as part of Battlefield 2042's free Battle Pass, while cosmetic legendary skins and melee takedowns will be available to earn by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass. Zero Hour's new ‘Exposure’ map, meanwhile, takes the action to the Canadian Rockies, with an onus on ground-to-air combat, and "tight" infantry fights.

The Exposure map will be available in both the Battlefield Portal and All-Out Warfare upon Season 1's launch this week, alongside new Specialist, Ewelina Lis, a renowned "vehicle-killer" armed with her signature rocket launcher. Lis' rocket launcher fires remote-controlled missiles, while her ‘Armor Hunter’ trait provides valuable intel to your squad.

Zero Hour is also set to add the new RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal Gunships, equipped with radar deflection and advanced defensive capabilities, alongside regular, light, heavy, and explosive ammo for the new Ghostmaker R10 Crossbow. The BSV-M Marksman Rifle will also be added to your arsenal, offering a new mid-range combat option.

Last, but not least, the Smoke Grenade Launcher can be used during offensive and defensive scenarios, and, with the roll-out of Zero Hour, you can expect a slew of fixes and improvements to stability, gameplay, balance, gunplay, vehicle handling, overall performance, and more, as outlined in the latest Development Update here.

Battlefield 2042 - Season 1: Zero Hour will be launching across all platforms on 9th June, with “iconic vehicles and experiences” set to come to Battlefield Portal at a later date, as well as a new game mode preset and expanded rules editor for creators. You can check out Battlefield 2042 - Season 1: Zero Hour in the gameplay video below.

  • Whats the current status of the game, has it been fully fixed yet?
  • @King Kennie I hope so cause I'm bout to get on lol
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