Dead by Daylight 'Roots of Dread' is the Game's 24th DLC, Adding New Killer 'The Dredge'

Dead by Daylight 'Roots of Dread' is the Game's 24th DLC, Adding New Killer 'The Dredge'

Richard Walker

Dead by Daylight has received its 24th DLC Chapter in ‘Roots of Dread’, adding a new Killer known as ‘The Dredge’, described as “the personification of fear itself”. Luckily, new Survivor Haddie Kaur is a seasoned and courageous monster hunter, more than capable of facing the threats lurking within ‘The Entity’s Realm'.

As well as the addition of The Dredge and Haddie Kaur, Roots of Dread also introduces the new ‘Garden of Joy’ map, which is anything but. Instead, the Garden of Joy now serves as “a ghostly reminder of a once-flourishing small-town dream”, symbolising domestic terror.

The new Roots of Dread Chapter also brings with it a selection of cosmetics, including a rare ‘Twisted Plaything’ outfit for The Dredge, ahead of two further Collections arriving later this summer. The Dredge comes with a Reign of Darkness power, with a Gloaming teleport ability, and Nightfall, which compromises the Survivors' vision once deployed.

Haddie Kaur has plenty of tools to combat The Dredge, however, including a skill that enables her to see pockets of evil called ‘bleeds’, creating holes between our world and The Entity's Realm. The new Roots of Dread Chapter is available now for Dead by Daylight, alongside the Waterfront Massacre Collection outfits.

The Chrysalis Collection will also be dropping on 14th June, with The Twilight Swarm Outfit for the Deathslinger, The Resident Infestation Outfit for The Doctor, and The Butterfly of the Night Outfit for Nea Karlsson. Then, from 4th July, you'll also be able to pick up the Dead by Daylight Summer Vacation Collection with two new outfits for Dwight Fairfield and Kate Denson.

You can check out the launch trailer for Dead by Daylight's new Roots of Dread Chapter below.

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